Blue Hours

"I've never read a novel quite like Blue Hours. Daphne Kalotay writes with a clarity and an an attention to detail that most authors should rightfully envy. Part heroic quest, part social x-ray, part sui generis meditation on identity, this is a book that lodges, in the best sense, in the mind."

— John Wray, award-winning author of Godsend and Lowboy


Sight Reading

“What might have been simply the story of a man leaving his marriage for a younger woman blossoms into much more. …Kalotay celebrates art in general, even considering what it is and isn’t, in prose that is brisk and concise as well as sensuous and sumptuous. …A fictive musical and familial feast.”

—Michele Leber, Booklist (starred review)


Russian Winter

"A magnificent tale of love, loss, betrayal and redemption … And while there is fascinating information and insight about ballet, jewels, music, art and politics, the emotional center of the book holds everything together. Toward the end, with many unanswered questions swirling, the author lets the truth ebb and flow until a final riptide of revelations leaves the reader profoundly moved.”

—Eugenia Zukerman, Washington Post 


Calamity & Other Stories

"Superior fiction. Forget the flashy epiphany, the Kodak moment. Kalotay prefers the glancing accumulation of detail, which pays off to impressive effect.”

Los Angeles Times