Sight Reading

What Readers Are Saying

“I was hooked from the start. … Some of the events and situations are so well described, they simply break your heart.” – The American Book Center Blog

“A wonderful book…. I recommend Sight Reading to music lovers and to anyone who likes good literary fiction.” – Between the Cover

“I found this book exhilarating. …a good story, relatable characters, and a strong sense of its overarching themes. Sight Reading is all this and more.” – my tragic right hip

“It has been a long time since I’ve been this entranced by a novel.  If I could give Sight Reading six stars I would.” – Novel Escapes

“A subtle rendering and beautifully written …about the very ordinariness of love.” – BookNAround

“Beautifully written, with incredibly flawed but wonderfully realistic characters, Sight Reading is an exploration into change, into love and loss, and into the way we all come together and are connected.” – S. Krishna’s Books

“I truly enjoyed every minute I spent reading this fantastic novel.” – A Bookish Way of Life

“You don’t really know what the significant moments in life are going to be until they’re gone, and it’s quite nice when books reflect that reality. Sight Reading does that with a grace that’s impressive.” – Casey Sanchez

“I enjoyed this book so much, and not just because of its focus on music.” – Art @ Home

Highly recommended.  This book is an easy read that will tug at your heartstrings, reveal the power of music to heal and restore, and make you revel in the power of love. – For the Love of Books

“I flew through the book over the course of one weekend, hardly putting it down.” – Too Fond 

“Engrossing, fast-paced, and thought-provoking.” Book Club Classics

“I can say without reservation that you will not regret the time you spend with Sight Reading.”- Robin Davis Fiction

“Another beautifully written novel by Daphne Kalotay! …The characters’ memories weave together seamlessly in this well-crafted story.” – The Cat Overlord Book Club

“I found [the characters] compelling and kept the pages turning, unable to stop until done.… This would be a good book for book clubs. – Bookworm 1858

“Kalotay brilliantly creates realistic characters and relationships. … This is a great book with interesting characters and lovely writing.” – Literary Lindsey

“This book just was awesome! …beautifully written and just plain gorgeous.” – Must Read Faster

“Wonderfully complex characters… I would have gladly read another few hundred pages of their lives.” – Wordsmithonia

“Kalotay’s writing is often breathtaking and always beautiful. …I was completely invested in [the characters].”  – My Books. My Life.

“A beautiful story that gives the reader a glimpse into the world of classical music.” – Turn the Page Reviews

“This book lovingly weaves musical themes into some rather profound insights about life. … The characters are real people — extremely flawed, emotional.” – Guiltless Reading

“Quiet and subtle, building – much like the symphonies that Nicholas directs and Remy performs. … A very robust, smart novel.” – Bailey’s and Books

“A complex love story, but it’s so much more. It’s music and travel and friendship. It’s heartache and learning to live with choices. …Well-written and very well-developed.“  – A Patchwork of Books

“This story is a masterpiece that will linger in your thoughts long after you finish it.” – My Edmonds News

“This novel was among the most powerful I’ve read.” – I Read a Book Once

“Characters that are wholly human … showing complex relationships in a way that is easy to understand, make this a satisfying read.”  – I am, Indeed

“The way that Kalotay writes is so engrossing that the pages just fly by. …Overall, another fantastic book from Kalotay.” – Book Chic Club

“Like a classical composition… fleshed out with such vividly beautiful description and well-crafted dialogue.” – Conceptual Reception

“Kalotay’s prose is glorious…. The passion, power, and beauty of music run through the novel.” – Reader of Fictions

“Wonderful novel about the role of art in life and what makes a family.”  – Anjugation

I’m completely engrossed in Sight Reading. …Kalotay has done a marvelous job of research with this novel, as she explores the complex relationships between couples and their work. – Becca’s Byline

“I REALLY enjoyed reading it, and thought all the characters were great (I particularly liked Hazel)…” – wordnerdy

“Kalotay does a great job of capturing her characters and presenting them as full and developed to her readers… [and] does an excellent job tying the novel together.” [CONTAINS SPOILERS] –Words to Read By

“Kalotay has once again written a gorgeous novel that readers absolutely won’t be able to put down.”  – SheKnows Book Lounge

“Kalotay’s story telling skills are as fine honed as any orchestra with the spotlight being placed on just the right emotional notes.”  – Living Read Girl